Cellsprings/Web - The New Isle Ex CA Explorer

[If your browser is Java-capable, enable Java in your browser preferences and then reload this page. The applet lancher-panel should load in place of this message.]

If you see a blank rectangle above, the JAR file (169K) containing the applet's classes is downloading. Once that is loaded the applet's own messages will take over. It's recommended you refrain from clicking any links in the present browser window before the applet has finished its startup, as it will delay the initialization process and may even jeopardize its integrity. While you're waiting, please read the introductory information below. Then, after you've launched the applet's main window, the first couple of Quick Tips, accessible on the Help menu, can help you get started.

Cellsprings/Web is a general 2D cellular automaton explorer implemented as a Java 1.1 applet. I've styled it an "emergetarium", because its special mission in life is to showcase the astonishing generative capacity of many simple CAs. Thus the applet favors CA rules that make the most of random and/or simple beginnings, and some of its rule presets - many discovered just within the past year - are real rags-to-riches stars. But Cellsprings/Web users are not confined to the installed rules and seeds - they can create and save such data to the server for all to access. So the applet is an emergetarium in a double sense.

If you experience significant problems with the applet please refer to the online docs and in particular the note on compatibility issues.

To those of you who were forwarded to this page from a link to WebsideCA: Be aware that Cellsprings/Web is Webside's successor, and should be used in preference to it. However, the old applet is still available as a hedge against incompatibilities.

If you have a Java runtime environment on your desktop, you may also want to check out Cellsprings/DT, the Java application edition of Cellsprings.

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