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What's New On Isle Ex

September 3, 2007

More housekeeping midst the relics: My web-to-mail script had outlived any reasonable utility, but still found itself spending cycles and bandwidth in dutifully fending off the half-wit rogue bots that plague web backwaters these days. So I've rewarded it with a nice retirement.

May 19, 2007

Hey, this must be some sort of record for elapsed time between entries on a "what's new" page. And, even now, the "news" is of less rather than more. Specifically, I've removed references to my "chat" script, which had long since ceased to be useful. There's not much point in chatting about a Web 0.5 site in a persistant vegetative state. I'm sometimes tempted to pull the plug on it, but have so far resisted for lack of a suitable replacement. My development activities have moved on to other interests, so I've produced nothing yet that would bring the topics addressed here into the present millenium. So, for now, this site shall remain up, but it is best regarded as an archive. The Isle is Ex in a sense not originally intended, and the title of this page has become an oxymoron.

October 12, 2000

Cellsprings/DT (the "desktop" edition) is finally available for download, joining its Web edition sibling at the new version, 1.21 beta. As always, see the Cellsprings version history for details.

October 4, 2000

Cellsprings/Web 1.20 beta is now online. This update includes significant performance improvements and three new rules from Ben Schaeffer. Check out the details.

August 29, 2000

Well, the desktop edition of Cellsprings must be getting close, because Cellsprings/Web 1.15 beta, uploaded today, has "springlet" support enabled. What am I talking about? Read all about it.

August 4, 2000

Uploaded Cellsprings/Web 1.10 beta, a more significant update that includes some added functionality. (The previous updates have largely consisted of fixes and content additions). As always, read the version history for details.

I've also made a significant addition to the Cellsprings documentation, viz., information on the CAR file format. Other programmers can use it to share rules with Cellsprings, or for any other purpose to which it might be suited. In particular authors of rule search/editing software might like to support it, as it standardizes the encoding of exhaustive rule tables.

July 22, 2000

Cellsprings/Web 1.06 beta, yet another minor update, is up. See what changed.

July 16, 2000

A minor update to Cellsprings/Web, designated version 1.05 beta, has been installed (q.v. changes).

July 15, 2000

Gif89Encoder, my Java class library for encoding GIFs, is now available for download in the Isle Ex Java section. So far as I know, it is the only free Java-based encoder worldwide that supports GIF animation. Source is included. Enjoy!

July 2, 2000

Today I uploaded an update to Cellsprings/Web that features significant content additions, but in terms of program code is a very minor maintenance revision. The version history page will clue you in on the changes.

June 21, 2000

Ok, finally - Cellsprings/Web, a new Java cellular automaton explorer, is here. Hope you like it. Also check out Isle Ex's new Java home page for some coming attractions.

April 7, 2000

I've made a number of changes to the site in preparation for some upcoming major Java additions (the "bigger things" mentioned below, oh ye of little faith). Most of the current changes are of a site-housekeeping nature, but a couple of them are substantial enough to mention:
  • The contact options are now listed on a separate page, and have been expanded. Also, the chat pager script has been revised to offer you the option, in the event I'm not online, of dropping a quick one-line message in my inbox for priority examination. For instance, you could give me some idea when you might try back, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood of catching me "at home".
  • I've taken down the Ecce Homework! section in anticipation of adding fresher and more adequately developed materials of related content. (Let's face it, the EH! attempt, while noble, to rise above its distant slavish origins was doomed to failure.) However, feel free to contact me for a private copy of any previously posted item.

December 6, 1999

Miscellaneous minor changes, such as link corrections and a few small WebsideCA resource additions.

The bigger things are still brewing.

November 16, 1999

Today I uploaded some minor changes to WebsideCA.

Bigger things are brewing - stay tuned.